Photos of stuff are on the left, fan art on the right. I love ALL FAN ART, and I've got a varied selection of it. GIMME YOUR AAART! Contact me by email or IM roboppy.



Tori is a friend I met at a Vassar orientation during senior year. I ended up going to Vassar...she did not. Grr! But the Internet is awesome for keeping in touch. And lookie...POOFY! They look happy.


This is my Japanese teacher and I. She is AWESOME! A bunch of us Japanese students went to her house to help prepare food for our Japanese culture festival and when she answered the door wearing her Poofy shirt we went, "AHH POOFY!" Or at least I did.


Kristin is one of my Japanese classmates. She is cool. Can't you see how cool we are? This photo was taken during our Japanese drill session.


My brother is somewhat cool, I suppose. He bought a Poofy shirt. And he likes Poofy in general. Woo! He's 21 years old in this might be hard to tell. :P


Bill is another awesome Japanese student (he was also in my English class). We're actually in Japanese class in this photo, woo!


CJ is an awesome Internet friend that I got to meet through the power of fun Clinic concert-going. I took this photo of him on an NYC subway.


Rebbie has been my Internet friend since 7th grade, for a grand total of seven years. That's freakin' long, the longest Internet friendship I've ever had. I have yet to meet her, but she's obviously cool. SO COOL! Yaay. Rebbie's poofy like to sit on bookshelves. Gooo literacy!


Sandy is another cool Internet friend. She's funny and strange in a good way. ;D If we ever meet, we will probably be too silly and the silliness will cause an explosion and then we will not exist anymore. But I'd risk it.

Check out Sandy's poofy, Fabrizio: he's stylin!


Christin is the sweetest and I know she and and her Poofy Waffle have awesome times together. I know this because you cannot have a non-awesome time with someone named WAFFLE! ;) Check out more of Christin and Waffle: 1 | 2.


Poofy is for the whole family! Pep is one of my friend's aunts; obviously, she is one of the coolest aunts ever. Check out her artwork and cute animations.


You love Amdagascar, don't ya? My friend DeVan from Vassar College is awesome and actually bought one from me. WHOAAA! I'm standing next to her (in Threadless gear) outside of a pizza shop near school.


Allie is awesome and SO STYLIN'! I'm not sure how long I've known Allie, but that's because it's been a long time, not because I have short term memory. Or do I? Anyhoo. Keep reading for more info on her awesomeness...
Allie's Poofy


Allie makes sure her tartan Poofy is well read. My Poofy, on the other hand, sleeps all day.
Samson + Poofy


Ranjit is awesome flickr-crazy friend whose dog, Samson, has taken a liking to Poofy! SMART, SMART DOG!


"CheesePuff" totally rocks the too large, but slightly altered Poofy pancake shirt. YAHOO!
Kit's art


I met Kit at Otakon 2004 and she immediately brightened my day (which started off with a stomach ache) by showing up with her adorable drawing. I LUV TEH FAN ART! Check out more of Kit's stuff at her website DangerKitten's Lair. [I did some stuff to the photo to make the drawing easier to see.]
Dawn's art


I also met Dawn at Otakon 2004. She was one of the first people to buy a Poofy book, so YA awesomeness. She drew this adorable picture of Poofy...don't you wanna cuddle it? CUDDLE, DAMMIT!
Mikey: Poo

Poofyville burns

I think this qualifies as fan art, even though it's a depiction of Poofyville burning. My friend's friend Mikey drew this out of intense hatred (or love!) of Poofy. He couldn't remember what all the characters were but it's good enough, eh? SWEET!
Kit: Poofy and puddin

Poofy hearts pudding

Kit knows what Poofy loves: TEH PUDDING!
Nicole: Poobs loves steak

Poobs loves steak

Nicole draws an insanely happy Poobs. Happiness is brought to you by STEAK.
Rebbie: Poofyville in Italian

Poofyville in Italian

In Rebbie's world, everyone in Poofyville speaks Italian! There's one way to practice a language.
Nicole: meatpaste

Poofyville in Italian

Nicole's drawings are 10000% better than mine. Here's Poobs hugging MEAT PASTE!
Kit: Totoro and Poofy

Totoro and Poofy

Holy crap, it's animated! Here's another one fo Kit's cute drawings.
Tristan: Poofy has a posse

Poofy has a posse

I was confused when Tristan asked me how tall Poofy was and how much he weighed. all makes sense now. I honestly have no idea of Poofy's measurements, but I imagine he's rather portly. Here's an example of Tristan's STENCILING POWERS!
Kat: Poofy and the penguin

Poofy and the penguin

Kat and I can make similar drunken-looking doodles. The difference between us is that she can genuine draw well why I can't, which is why I draw crap. I like the way she drew Poofy; he looks rather ghostly.
Fannio: Poofy speaks German

Poofy Speaks German!

Fannio draws amazing stuff and her version of Poofy is freakin' cute. Freakin'! And one of em is wearing LEDERHOSEN! If Poofy has to be un-naked, lederhosen is the way to go. Translation: “I am POOFY and I love ROBYN! Yes! That is right!”
Emily: Poofy, the Bastard Child

Poofy, the Bastard Child

Emily draws some of the cutest bunnies I've ever seen. Ever. And I like how Poofy is standing on a giant fork that seems to have sprung out of nowhere.
Emily: Long Live the Poofies

Long Live the Poofies

Another gem from Emily; LOOK AT ALL THOSE POOFIES! My god, she drew them in...motion! I can't even do that.
Rebbie: Ralph Rox

Ralph Rox

Yes, he does. Rebbie draws other Poofyville characters, including a broken-toothed Bork!
Rebbie: Collegiate Poofy

Collegiate Poofy

Rebbie drew a Vassar Poofy! In a tube top ish thing!...I dunno how to draw clothing for Poofy either. ;D
Taylor: Evil Poofy

Evil Poofy

Taylor hijacked my Poofy book cover with a devilish Poofy clad in sinister facial hair (come to think of it, what kind of hair/fur does Poofy have?). If you couldn't tell from Poofy's look alone, he proclaims "I am EVIL!!!" Awesome.
Taylor: Ralph Wears Socks

Ralph Wears Socks

Taylor drew Ralph wearing socks. AWWW! HE'S SO HAPPY!!!
Heather: Drunken Poofies

Drunken Poofies

Heather sent me a bunch of "drunken" Poofy-related drawings during an IM session so I compiled them into this little collage-type thing. PUDDING!
Allen: I Killed Poofy

I Killed Poofy

Allen drew an INSANO POOFY, HAHAHA! Lordy. His feelings about the drawing: "It was scary and it killed my mood. :P" Aw. He just wants some pudding!
Lee Anne: Circus Poofy

Circus Poofy

Lee Anne draws the cutest stuff, ever. She's insanely talented in everything. EVERYTHING. Even things that haven't been invented yet. Anyway, to her long list of credentials she can also add, "Draws the members of Poofyville in a circus very well."