Here are some questions that people may have asked me, along with some that may possibly be on your mind along with some other meaningless questions (for that extra crunchy texture!).

Where did the idea for Poofy come from?
When in high school, your mind tends to wander (unless you are captivated by calculating torque and the battles of the Civil War...nah, I didn't think so). This is where doodling becomes essential, lest your brain becomes a pile of goo that mixes in with the puddle of drool that has already formed at the base of your dribbling mouth as you attempt to take a nap. So I doodled quite a bit, mainly of beans, stick figures, and bunny-esque forms. Preceeding what I would later call Poofy, I drew many "potato bunnies," which were pretty much happy lumps with ears and cotton ball tails. Then Poofy came (Poobs came out of this bunny-drawing habit too)...from somewhere. Actually, I don't remember where it/he (I suppose it's a male) came from, but at some point I decided to make a plush doll out of the character. As for all the other characters in Poofyville, they really came out of nowhere as I never doodled squid-like creatures or robots before. Maybe I was especially bored that day.

What's with the pudding and the pancakes?
I can't say I really know, as I never ate either of them to a great degree. Probably less than that. As I try to remember now how much pudding and pancakes I've eaten in my life, I wonder about my fascination with these foods. Yet for some reason, I have a fascination. Or maybe I just think they're fun words. "Pudding" could almost be a verb, i.e., "I have been pudding a lot lately; pudding to the store, to the bathroom, to the's great fun!" I don't know what "pud" means yet though. Pudding itself is such a simple and alluring food, especially at a buffet line when there's a huge tub of it beckoning anyone with an appetite for artificially flavored chocolate/vanilla goo. As for pancakes, they're just these fun, fluffy round, warm doughy discs onto which one can heap fruits, jams, creams, honeys, syrups, and a slab or steak, if you so desire. I thought both of these foods fit well into Poofyville for some reason or another.

Did you invent Poofy/Adventures in Poofyville?
I'm sure I've had loads of influence from various Sanrio and San-X characters and as for comics, I think I've read too much Jhonen Vasquez. I don't think Poofy and "Adventures in Poofyville" is especially original, but it's my own story (not like anyone else would want to claim it as their own). I've also had a lot of input from various friends that has helped me develop storylines (I think you know who you are) and for that I'm in debt to all of them...FOREVER!

Why does Ralph barf so much?
...weak stomach, maybe? I think he's just starving for attention, although I would not recommend constant puking as a way to get noticed.

What is Ralph anyway?
He's squid-like, which means be could be a squid, or he could just look like one. He has been mistaken to be an alien, but he is definitely NOT an alien.

Were you dropped on your head as a child?
Well, not that I can remember, but my head is a bit mishapen. It kind of comes to a point, like a conehead, although not to the degree that you could play a game of ring-toss with it.

Got any questions? Send them to "roboppy at gmail dot com" and I'll answer them here.