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Poofy is a bunny-esque creature who loves to eat pudding. It spends most of its time sleeping and wandering around Poofyville while pondering what kind of sauce goes best with popcorn. It spends a lot of time with his friends and talks to the Pancake Tree a lot. 

Poobs is a bunny-esque creature who loves to eat pudding and make pudding for the inhabitants of Poofyville. He is afraid that he will one day be eaten by a giant spoon. Other than that, he leads a normal life of sleeping, eating, and playing. He likes meat and hates pancakes.

Bork is the robot who meets the adhesives needs of Poofyville. No one really knows where Bork came from, except that one day it rolled in with a tape dispenser shouting "ANYONE NEED TAPE?" Since then, it has been a welcome inhabitant of Poofyville and makes sure that everyone has a roll of tape in their home. Even though it is a robot, it likes to eat pancakes.

Ralph is a squid-like creature who uses his tentacles to stock the shelves of his store with joyous things like toothpaste, paintbrushes, and mops. He had a tendency to vomit and has low self esteem. He always appears happy though, and he makes very good puddingberry cookies.